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Parking Lot Maintenance

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When your customers visit your company, the first impression they get is not from your actual storefront, but their first impression really comes from the condition of your parking lot.

Service Overview

If your parking lot is conveniently planned, and is properly maintained, your customers gain a positive impression and are more likely to see your business in a favorable light—leading to more sales and profit earned.
If you want to keep your customers happy and you want to develop a positive company-image, you should get in touch with our parking lot maintenance company to help you maintain your lot, so it’s free from cracks and potentially dangerous potholes.

Nailing the Elements of a Good Parking Lot

Every good parking lot should contain the following elements:

All the above points are essential and should be included in a parking lot, however, it is especially important for you to ensure your pavement is smooth and free of cracks and potholes. The reason this is the case, is because the safety of your customers is your responsibility. The last thing you would want is to face lawsuits and legal fines for any harm your customers suffer due to an uneven and unmaintained lot. If your parking lot is an eyesore, it also reflects poorly on your company and may lead customers to believe you don’t have their safety and best interest in mind.

At American Striping and Commercial Coating LLC, we take care of all your parking lot needs and ensure your parking lot is as clean and smooth as possible, so all your customers enjoy a pleasant experience when they pull in to visit your company.

Parking Lot Repair and Maintenance

Even the most well-constructed parking lots will wear out over time, and when this happens, our experts can conduct efficient crack filling and pothole filling services, so your commercial lot is as good as new again. Damage may occur to your parking lot from frequent vehicle usage or from the harsh winter weather. It’s best for you to carry out annual lot maintenance in the spring so we can take a look at any damage the winter may have caused including deterioration, sinking, or problems below the surface.

Call us Today to Fill in the Cracks and Potholes in Your Commercial Parking Lot

As cracks on your road-surface develop over time, water can penetrate through the cracks and cause damage to the foundation of your pavement. As the water seeps in, the crack will get larger until it becomes a hazard for anyone who pulls into the parking lot. To keep your customers safe, you have to ensure these cracks are professionally filled in as soon as possible.

Our team of parking lot maintenance specialists will take care of any cracks or potholes you have in your parking lot using professional tools and techniques. Call us today to transform and repair your parking lot so it’s as good as new again.